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Ladyboy domina playing with her ribbed pink dildo

Whether you’re married or a full time bachelor, every red blooded man deserves the services of a kinky Mistress, and what better than a mistress who is packing an hung meaty surprise and knows just what a filthy minded guy wants?.. In my platinum blonde hooker wig, skin tight PVC top, see-thru bra, ‘quick release’ panties, and a pair of shiny thigh high big black boots, this outfit means business and it’s built for lots of ‘rough love’. I just wish you were here, tied to my bed or grovelling at my feet, ready for my whip, sex toys and my own throbbing fuck stick.. Looks like I’ll just have to keep my self entertained for now with my thick pink butt plug!

002 Ladyboy domina playing with her ribbed pink dildo

Ladyboy Mint in black Leather Boots

01 Ladyboy Mint in black Leather Boots

Spread ‘em Punk!.. Bend over and put your hands where I can see them.. Now don’t you move sucker or I’ll be forced to shoot my load and empty it in your punk ass!.. Now what’s that in your pants? Are you carrying a large weapon or are you just pleased to see me?. Looks like I’ll have to get out my handcuffs and perform and thorough strip search, but I hope you put up a fight, I like to see a man struggle when he’s under my control. Maybe it’s better I show you how to do it, as I strip down to my knee high, 6 inch heeled. leather boots. I’ll let you see how big my truncheon is, and show you how I love to use it. See more from Asian Ladyboy Mint !

Japanese Ladyboy Kanato in long white Boots

It’s always nice to come across a Ladyboy or Newhalf that doesn’t take themselves too seriously and Kanato is definitely one of those types! You can always count on Kanato and her picture galleries on Shemale Japan to put a little smile on your face as she dresses herself up in colorful wigs and sexy, offbeat outfits.

Kanato is a big Fan of Cosplay, which isn’t really a surprise given the way she dresses. I like checking out some cosplay every now and then too. Taking a break from reality is one of the best ways to stay sane in this day and age. Newhalf Kanato is one sexy girl who really knows how to take dressing to the ‘next level’ so if you’re in the mood for a little fun, make sure you check her (and the rest of the Japanese Shemales) out on Shemale Japan!

kanato shemalejapan 04 250x350 Japanese Ladyboy Kanato in long white Boots

Shemale Pornstar Lea in black Leather Boots

A popular face around Las Vegas and a wicked pole dancer at the Las Vegas Lounge, Lea was originally known as Bianca when she premiered on Shemale Yum in 2000. This stunning Filipino model appeared on a number of sites around 2000-2003 but never made any video appearances. Update 2010: Leah was one of the original models on and is a local here in Las Vegas. She has been retired from shooting for several years but when she heard we were shooting again she asked if she could do an update shoot. She was a lot of fun to work with and listening to her stories of shooting in the industry 9 years ago was fascinating. She is a very sexual bottom with a unique way of making herself cum . See Shemale Pornstar Lea in Black Boots

shemale pornstar lea 01 680x1024 Shemale Pornstar Lea in black Leather Boots

Shemale Pornstar Lea in black Leather Boots

Asian Ladyboy licking her black Boots with pleasure

18 Asian Ladyboy licking her black Boots with pleasure

I am getting a little tired of you working so much in your home office, so tonight I thought I would sweep all those business papers off that desk and get your attention with my new mesh outfit and very naughty black boots. If you still play hard to get then I will have to remind you just how flexible my sexy body is. When I pull my legs behind my head and give you a dirty view of a perfect ass and a hard surprised you better get yourself over to the desk in a big hurry. If you still resist well I might have to take drastic measures and spread myself wide open, no one can say no to that! Tonight I am the boss and you are under review.
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Sultry ladyboy in red boots ready for hard work

17 Sultry ladyboy in red boots ready for hard work

If you could dress you secretary anyway you wanted I am sure you would put her in a hot outfit just like this one. I am wearing an amazing black skirt that paints my ass its so tight. Sexy red boots and a top that is sure to make your mouth water during our one on one meeting. When you see my interest as my glasses touch the tip of my tongue you know I want to take some dictation. Only thing is the dication I like involves your throbbing cock. I think tonight we will have to stay after hours and get some very very hard work finished!
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Some See The Shaft On This Naughty Asian Ladyboy

16 Some See The Shaft On This Naughty Asian Ladyboy

From time to time everyone’s got to waste some time and appreciate the beauty that’s right in your face. I want you to meet Noon. This lovely Asian ladyboy has a long, trim shape and a lovely ladyboy dick. You need to get a look at this chick wearing high heeled boots and blue body suit spreading her ass out in bed and revealing her thick shemale dick. By the time it’s off and you guys get a view of those giant tits of hers, you’ll be stuck on her.

Unbelievable Japanese New-Half Is Eager To Show Her Body

15 Unbelievable Japanese New Half Is Eager To Show Her Body

I was trapped behind the camera yesterday, as I got some fantastic pics of this beautiful Japanese New-Half. Her sexy fishnet stockings and long black boots had me staring at her slender soft legs. As she spread her smooth thighs, you could see a teasing glimpse up her leopard-print skirt. I started salivating at her sweet New-Half dick and firm round ass, immediately. My dreams will be filled to the brim with this gorgeous Japanese model.

Two sexy Ladyboys in black Boots

14 Two sexy Ladyboys in black Boots

I met Samantha out at the Cobra in L.A. through a good mutual friend and was immediately impressed with her looks and the way she carried herself. And she seemed to pop out of nowhere too!! All of a sudden there was this gorgeous but somewhat shy, long-legged beauty hanging out.

She partied at my house for a little get together one night and we talked quite a bit about her shooting and within a week or two we were shooting her first set. She’s just a super nice girl, totally down to earth and fun to hang out with. She’s very early in her transition and already looks fucking amazing so….she’s gonna blossom even more. Long legs, smooth skin and a perfect ass. A classic beauty!!

20225 468x60 Two sexy Ladyboys in black Boots

Freaky t-girl diving a vibe into her itchy asshole

13 Freaky t girl diving a vibe into her itchy asshole

Did someone order a ladyboy stripper? I’m all dressed up and ready to put on a show. I’m in my red high heeled stripper boots, showgirl crotch-less panties, with chained PVC bra and restraints running to my wrists and neck. So sit back, unzip your pants and get ready, because touching IS allowed when I put on a lapdance.. And you’re in for a treat today, because when I’m performing for my guy the only thing I like more than running a vibrating dildo along my cock and teasing it up my ass, is two big vibrators working both my holes. Feel free to stroke that cock of yours whilst I do my thing, but make sure you save some of that warm spunk for me, honey.
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